Lumistrips Product Warranty

We take extraordinary measures to ensure that your Lumistrips LED strip or module reliably performs its functions for many years. If this is not the case, within a period of five years as of the day of purchase (or seven years if your project is registered), then the fault will be repaired at our own discretion, or the product will be replaced by the same or a higher value product.

  • 5 years for material and manufacturing defects
  • 7 years if you register your project*

How to register your project:

  1. Send a few images of the products installed and a short description and review, together with the proof of purchase to, within 6 months of the purchase date.
  2. We will reply via e-mail within 7 working days with a 7 years warranty card  
  3. The images and the review provided we might use on our website

This warranty is valid from the invoice date and applies for manufacturing and material defects if the products have been used/installed:

  • Purely in accordance with their intended purpose and application specifications
  • Within the specified operational range (environment)
  • With power within the specified range (voltage, current and frequency)
  • In a professional and legal manner and in accordance with installation instructions provided

The warranty does not cover;

  • Any type of consequential loss
  • Failures due to exposure to extreme conditions, e.g. thunder, lightning, water ingress, fire, bad ventilation or other conditions beyond the control of Lumistrips
  • Parts that need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, e.g. 
  • Failures due to compatibility issues between the products and the installation environment. e.g. control system & power supply
  • Products that have been modified or repaired by unauthorized personnel
  • Normal maintenance and repair issues


1. Extent of Warranty

In principle we issue a five-year manufacturer’s warranty for all our products (seven years if the project is registered) as of the date of purchase. Excluded from this warranty are the product series Lumiflex Economy. They are also only valid if the product does not reveal any indications of repairs or other interference by the customer or by repairers who are not authorized by the manufacturer. The warranty only covers exchanges and repairs. Claims beyond what is stated in the warranty – in particular for compensation – are excluded. The warranty period will neither be extended nor renewed if warranty services are rendered.

2. Warranty Claims

If your product reveals a defect against expectations within the warranty period, please contact us at original proof of purchase (on which is stated the date of purchase).

The costs of sending the goods shall be borne by you. Freight collect deliveries will not be accepted!

3. Guarantor

The guarantor is the company Ledrise.Limited.

4. Costs

Warranty services regarding exchanges or repairs are free of charge. This does not apply to any costs incurred by possible postage of the product. If you make a warranty claim and the manufacturer or the responsible customer service unit, after checking the product, determines that there is no defect or that the warranty claim is invalid because of one of the aforementioned reasons, we reserve the right to charge you a service fee of 50€. This does not apply if under the circumstances you were not able to recognize that the claim was invalid.

5. Miscellaneous

This warranty applies worldwide and is subject to the laws of Germany.